Chris Choi

Camera Angle test (1:51 6x6 solve)11.90 Clock Avg1:01 Megaminx Avg w/ 52 Single2.45 Pyraminx Single PB17 Square-1 Avg1:33 Feet Avg4.94 Skewb Avg w/ 3.1 singleCosmic X-Man Shadow M Unboxing | SpeedcubeshopRoad to Sub-4 Episode 2: 5.719 ao1008.73 Official 3x3 Average | North Plainfield Open 201859.385 Megaminx ao5 with counting 5553.892 5x5 SingleBLD Solves at New York City Spring 2018 (1:12 single)2-7 relay but everytime I finish a cube I get a pll skip (except 4x4)a 26 with decent tps4-7 Yau Relay 7:432:43.968 7x7 SingleSome 3BLD Practice (Orozco/M2)1:44 3BLD Single (Orozco/M2)5.95 3x3 Singlecubing w/ friendsSub 9 Official 3x3 Average! (8.85 avg)1:59.55 Official 6x6 Mean | Rutgers Spring 2018Rutgers comp sim w/ friends1:03.59 Official 5x5 Average | Hudson Valley Open 201829.74 Official 4x4 Average | Hudson Valley Open 20184BLD w/ Zach11:16.524 1-Man Guildford Challenge YTUWR24.674 4x4 Single (Best on cam!)9.01 Official 3x3 Average PB | Binghamton Winter Cube Day 2018