What I decieded to do with "CriticalMaxim"God Knows - ''The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'' (Cover // Maxim Suvedi)APRIL FOOLS! Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Shooting Stars (Just Fun #1 // Maxim Suvedi)The Things We Used To Share - Thomas Sanders (Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Gravity Falls Theme (Triple Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Fuwa Fuwa Time - K-ON! (Eng Cover // Maxim Suvedi)I Made It (Original // Maxim Suvedi)"MOB CHOIR - 99" - Mob Psycho 100 (OP FULL // Maxim Suvedi)Thank You For Living (Original // Maxim Suvedi)Lonely Me (Original // Maxim Suvedi)No Game No Life - This Game (OP Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Who Bits it? (Instrumental // Maxim Suvedi)Mister Nothing (Original // Maxim Suvedi)Named Maxim (Original // Maxim Suvedi)Hallelujah (Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Don't Say Lazy - K-ON! (ED Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Apollo Justice Objection! (adrisaurus lyrics' Cover // Maxim Suvedi)Ice Scream (Ro's Halloween Contest // Maxim Suvedi)Gravity Falls Theme (Cover) - Maxim Suvedi