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Speed comparison 4: past vs present

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Speed Comparison 4: Past Vs Present

an Animated Race Simulation Of The Fastest Runners In History, Fastest Swimmers In History, Fastest Cars Historical Progression And A Satirical Thrust Ssc Of The Loading Speed Of Some Of The Fastest Internet Browsers.

Race 12: 100m Sprint

Garden Snail

Average Person

Fastest female runner

Donald Lippincott (1912)

Jesse Owens (1936)

Jim Hines (1968)

Carl Lewis (1991)

Maurice Greene (1999)

Asafa Powell (2007)

Usain Bolt (2009)

Race 13: Fastest 100m swim

Average Swimmer

Fastest Female Swimmer

Fastest Breaststroke

Fastest Backstroke

Fastest Butterfly (Michael Phelps)

Duke Kahanamoku (1920)

Jon Henricks (1956)

Jim Montgomery (1976)

Alain Bernard (2008)

Cesar Cielo (2009)

Race 14: 1km fastest cars drag race

Jaguar XK 120

Mercedes Benz 300SL

Lamborghini Miura

Ferrari 288 GTO


McLaren F1

Thrust SSC (Fastest Car)

Bugatti Veyron

Hennessey Venom GT

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Note - this portion is completely satirical and based on one individual experience and by no means an indicative test of browsers speed.

Race 15: Fastest Browser Test Speed:

World Wide Web


Netxcape Navigator

Internet Explorer


TOR Browser

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge


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Jaedon Playz
Jaedon Playz

Tor is for the deep web, I doubt anyone would use it to watch YouTube lol

Aryan Borah
Aryan Borah

Lol...e explorer


Legend says the Internet Explorer is still at 99% or 101%


Tor is not made for speed, it is made for

Kinky Data
Kinky Data

Ahaha the Internet explorer 98-99% paradox... I remember that :D


Why am I binging these videos

t t
t t

I'm not even average in swimming......f602f602


Lmao the Internet Explorer couldnt even make it to 100% ahhaha good vid!

World Of Stickboi
World Of Stickboi

It's not even April then why YouTube is recommending this lol


don't watch this in full screen trust me

Justin Y.
Justin Y.


3,000 subs with no videos
3,000 subs with no videos

The Explorer got me hard.

Dylan Ramirez 10
Dylan Ramirez 10

WTF internet explorer 101%

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